Useful Nova Scotia Plants

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A guide to edible and useful plants in Nova Scotia

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An easy to use application for plant identification


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About the application

Gordon Isnor
Gordon Isnor, photo Erica Butler

Gordon B. Isnor, developer

Useful Nova Sotia Plants was developed as a “passion project” by Gordon B. Isnor. Gordon is a freelance software engineer based in Nova Scotia. He has developed websites and web applications for clients around North America, and had previous experience developing mobile applications for Brush Education in Calgary, and a realtime tool for university group work funded by University of Toronto, John Abbott College, and Dawson College.

His interest in food and drink, and his love of the province and getting out to see it with his family led him to wonder if there was already an app guide to edibles plants in Nova Scotia. Not finding anything, he got in touch with Marian and the rest was botany.

Marian Munro
Marian Munro, photo Len Wagg

Marian Munro, content

Content was provided by Marian Munro, botany curator of the Nova Scotia Museum. Her interests in natural history are many and varied. While at Acadia University, she studied meteorology, geomorphology, ornithology as well as botany. It was only when she was offered (and turned down) the chance to study the stomach contents of shorebirds in the Minas Basin, that she discovered her true passion – plants.

She feels lucky to have had the chance to work with renowned botanist Albert Roland as he prepared a new edition of his Flora of Nova Scotia. When Roland was unable to see the project to fruition, Marian rewrote it for a popular audience. It was published by the Nova Scotia Museum in 1998. In 2014 she released the e-version with friends and colleagues Ruth Newell and Nick Hill entitled Nova Scotia Plants. Since 2011, her major focus has been to get the plant collections and research online – a series of projects that includes the release of this app and The Poison Plant Patch app, scheduled for 2017.

Bog Huckleberry
Bog Huckleberry, photo Sean Blaney


Photos were provided courtesy of the Nova Scotia Museum’s network of contributors.

Useful Nova Scotia PlantsWeb App
Web app

About the web version

The web version of the app can be saved to your phone or tablet’s home screen


  • Visit the app in Safari – or another browser – on your iPhone or iPad
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  • Launch Chrome for Android
  • Open the the app as a web site
  • Tap the menu button
  • Tap “Add to homescreen”
  • Enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen

Note: The web version uses mobile data


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Harmful Nova Scotia Plants

Harmful Nova Scotia Plants

Also available – a guide to harmful and poisonous plants in Nova Scotia.

Available in Android, iOS, and web app versions

Harmful Nova Scotia Plants